Field Day

I know this is a “technical” hobby, but this coming weekend is the fourth full weekend of June.  That means it is Field Day.  Not the day we clean the ship thoroughly (Navy.)  Not the day we go on a big outing (School.)  This is the day we operating Amateur Radio stations in a communications war to see which clubs, groups, and individuals can score the highest points in the only “not a contest” contest of Amateur Radio history.

The purpose of Field Day is to give people the opportunity to make as many contacts from as many locations as possible, all while operating “off the grid.”  This means the radio can’t be powered by “The Grid.”  Anything from solar and batteries to generators are fair game, but if high voltage power lines are involved, it’s a no go.

This is also a day for raising awareness and interest in the hobby.

Every year over the last few years I have put together some kind of kit that requires soldering.  This year, I have no kit.  That’s probably for the best, because this year we are in a different location than our club has become accustomed to using.  In the past, we’ve been primarily at the O.E.M. facilities on Acklin Gap road.  This year, we’ll be downtown Conway at the following address, instead:

Arkansas National Guard Armory
300 Exchange Ave
Conway, AR 72032

If you’re in or near Faulkner County, Arkansas, you’re more than welcome to swing in, meet the club, and learn about Amateur Radio.

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