Start Where You Are At

One Permaculture principle is “start where you are at.”  Another is to move slowly.  I’m doing both of those this year.  Our crops this year so far are a few containers of Jerusalem Artichokes, Chinese Artichokes, and some Comfrey.  The Hazelnuts from a year or two back are doing okay, but haven’t shown any signs of producing, yet.  I’m hoping they will next year.

My dad said the Raspberries he planted are sending up babies, and he’ll bring us some potted up for our back yard.  I’m looking forward to putting them in.

This fall, we’re looking to start a small mushroom yard, as well.  We’re considering Shiitake, Portabella, and Winecap varieties.  Next spring, we’ll put in a few fruit trees, Kiwi vines, and Strawberries.  We’re also talking about putting in some raised beds, but breaking the ground for them the first year by using potatoes, garlic, onions, and beets or radishes.  We got the idea from Edible Acres up in New York.

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