Weekend Update

This weekend was crazy busy.  We’ve had weather issues most of the week, but this weekend it came to a head, and our county is now declared a disaster area.

I gave my presentation on Saturday, as scheduled.  I think it went well.  The audience seemed receptive, and I hope to get to know their little community group better over time.  That was the best part of my weekend, really.

Then the storms came rolling through.  Saturday night / Sunday morning, we got so much rain and wind from the thunderstorms that rolled through that much of Conway became flooded, as well as several of the towns and small communities around us.  At least one road had one lane just wash away from the event.  Some of the towns are under a boil order.

I hope and pray that the community group members are all safe, and I will be following up with the organizers to ask how they are doing.

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