Permaculture Basics – The Flyer

My wife suggested that I post the flyer for this coming weekend’s Permaculture Basics presentation I’ll be giving.  I know I mentioned this earlier in the month, but below are the flyer details for my local readers who may want to attend.  I also wanted to mention that the site is getting polished.

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Enough of that, onto the flyer details (contact details for Shirley were removed to respect her privacy from the Internet.  If you need details, you may contact me through the comments on this blog post, instead.)

Public Service Announcement for Saturday, April 29, 2017

What: Permaculture Basics Workshop
Presenter: Stefan Johnson
When: Saturday, April 29, 2017, 9:00 am
Location: H & W Dime and Dollar Store, 659 Hwy 225 EAST, Greenbrier 72058
Admission: Free! (Donations will be accepted to help with handout printing costs)
Registration: Suggested, but not required for admission (For handouts)
Hosted by: Centerville Community Group

What is permaculture? The word is a contraction of two other words, permanent and agriculture. Permaculture helps people grow more food in less space with less overall effort. Many landowners in Faulkner County are now seeking information on how permaculture techniques can increase the sustainability and productivity of their farmsteads. To answer some of those questions, Centerville Community Group will host a Permaculture Basics Workshop on Saturday, April 29, beginning at 9:00 am at H & W Dime and Dollar Store located at 659 Hwy 225 EAST, about 8.5 miles east of Greenbrier in the Centerville community. The workshop is free, however donations will be accepted. Pre-registration is suggested to insure enough handouts, but not required for admission.

The instructor for Permaculture Basics Workshop is Stefan Johnson from Conway, certified permaculture design consultant. He will share his expertise in how to apply some basic permaculture techniques to address common problems a landowner might encounter, such as erosion, low land fertility levels, how to optimize small acreages, all with a component of working with nature instead of against nature. He will explain the advantages of permaculture compared to some of our more traditional farming and animal care practices. The workshop should last no more than two hours.

Participants are encouraged to dress for the weather. The workshop will be held outside, so hats, sunscreen, water, maybe even an umbrella for those who are sun-sensitive — all may be needed to make participants more comfortable during the workshop session. In case of stormy weather, the event will be canceled and a new date will be announced later.

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